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Vacuum cleaning a carpet

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Carpet Solutions Inc. was established in 2006 to amalgamate our activities with the carpet industry that have evolved over time. Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing a franchise of Langenwalter Industries of California, once had a significant presence in Canada, engaged in carpet spot removal and colour restoration as well as general wall to wall on site carpet dyeing. The trademark is well recognized in the US but using it here did not give us any status nor did it project what we are all about.

We are focused on the overall needs of the commercial and residential clients for carpet maintenance; it is a strength that we can augment this service with carpet spot dyeing and colour restoration. Our rental building clients are thrilled that we can restore carpets that would otherwise be ripped out and thrown away at the end of some tenancies.

It is no surprise that we are listed in the Bell GREEN book as an environmentally friendly company, given that we save so much carpet from a premature visit to the dump!

Vacuum cleaning a carpet

Nadalin carpet world News!!

  • John Nadalin is the Windsor area contact who along with sons Johnny and Scott offers a host of flooring services.
  • Mike Nadalin also works in Windsor with John.
  • Talks are under way with selected affiliates to set up our national presence with the LOMAC carpet maintenance system. Calgary is established, Vancouver under way and we are looking for qualified representation in Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg and Montreal.